Misc Stuff

Eating stuff

  • Pitara Oroz, Hubergasse 9, 16. Bezirk, Wien
  • Cafe am Kamin, Falckensteinstr. 18, Berlin

Computing Stuff

gcu-squad: free unix activists
Super Dimension Fortress: free shell accounts on NetBSD/amd64 cluster
Deathrow OpenVMS cluster: friendly OpenVMS hobbyist accounts

Yesss.at settings

Free Software / OpenSource todo list

debian packages to create/adopt
  • import2vbox
articles / documentation to write
  • learn packaging the hard way: the path of a newbie
  • generating a debian package from your play app
  • getting hithere accepted into debian
  • hosting your debian packages with bintray

Programmer stuff

The Good stuff done
  • Web: Boulevard Generator
The next good stuff: Popcon
The Good
  • Web: German Genre
  • Web: The No Scrum job board
  • Web: Hilfe Veranlagung
  • Web: Mein Single Kumpel
The Rest
  • Android: Petanque ScoreBoard
  • Android: where is my Stuff
  • Android: Piefke oder Wiener ?
  • Android: Standart Time
  • Android: Cooling the openspace
  • Android: The best price for mobile connection
  • Android / Web: Find my favourite game
  • Web: betterkode will do an online code quality survey
  • Web: password hall of shame
  • Web: spam hall of shame
  • Web: programming sysadmin / games
  • Web: apt-grok will analyse an apt repository
  • Web: collectmybench ( bonnie++/sysbench upload results )
  • Web: Heritage: historic unix shell accounts (novnc, guacamole) ($)
  • Desktop: folder based music player, 1to1 for Linux
  • Desktop: playMyPlay buttons:(run, stop, clean, compile)
  • Console: log2web
small hacks
  • Pogo: add suspend mode disabler

Various todo stuff

  • PostgreSql HA (with streaming synchronous replication and linux HA agent failover, or pgpool2 for multi master)
Small IT
  • Auto update with apt update as cron job
Retrocomputing ST
  • Vanilla Mint for 16 bits Atari
  • Port FreeBSD cal/ncal
  • Test atari cross m68k-atari-mint toolchain with file with two dots
  • GUI for Atari DMA player
Last modified: 2019/03/30 16:02