ST Mint: A Mint distribution for the Atari ST

ST Mint is a Mint Distribution for Unix & Linux users who would like to have a free Unix like environment for their Atari ST. The Target platform are 68000 Ataris with 4 MB of RAM, 1GB SD Card drive, ST High Resolution (recommended)

St Mint is distributed in the form of a ready to boot diskimage, to be written to a SD card.

Disk image

Download: ACSI diskimage

Writing the media

After inserting the media in your Ultrasatan device, your ST should boot into ST Mint. After booting a 4MB machine, you should have around 2MB of RAM free for applications.

How to Use

When Mint is booted, go to C:\MULTITOS, click on LINES.APP, CLOCK.APP and notice the two apps running simultaneously. Such a thing is not possible using the standard Atari TOS

With an emulator

Use the downloaded .img file as an emulated ACSI device, and just boot. If you use the Hatari emulator, it would be:

hatari --acsi st_mint-0.4.img
What's inside
Bugs and limitations

The kernel shipped ( freemint 1.15) is unstable with the ethernet driver, crashing after the first ping But newer kernel does not work well with the Minix driver , so it's kind of chicken and egg problem.

See the Changelog and Roadmap here st_mint_changelog

Last modified: 2015/03/15 01:32