MKMD: ManuKa's Mint Distribution


MKMD has been replaced by ST Mint, based on Freemint 1.15 which allows much more interesting stuff to work ( ethernet card !) Get the new sd card image at

ManuKa's Mint Distribution is a Mint Distribution targeting Unix & Linux users who would like to have a free Unix like classical environment for their Atari ST. It is based on the 1995 release of KGMD, so don't expect too much new stuff. The target platform is the 68000 Ataris with 4 MB of RAM, 1GB Ultrasatan SD Card drive, ST High Resolution (recommended), Ethernec network card (optional)

MKMD is distributed in the form of a ready to boot diskimage, to be written to a SD card.



Writing the media

After inserting the media in your Ultrasatan device, your ST should boot into MKMD.

How to use

  • login as user user with password Normaluser or root with password Rootuser in text mode
  • when logged in as root, you can start the single task GEM gui with execgem or the multi tasking GEM gui with execmtos

The Unix environment is very similar to the early SunOS 4.1 and BSD 4.3 systems, with GNU file utils, although of course quite slow. It has bash, tcsh, gcc 2.5 and a Minix file system. The SD card image was partitioned with the Atari AHDI driver v 5.0 and contains three partitions of 256 Mb each.

After killing some processes to free RAM, it is is possible to start a very limited X environment:

  • Using ps ax, finding the process PID, and kill the processes for crond, lpd, vcons1d
  • login as user toor with password Tooruser
  • start X11 with the startx command

Components in the distribution

MKMD is based on:

I am working on adding:

Use with an emulator

Use the downloaded .img file as an emulated ACSI device, and just boot. If you use the Hatari emulator, it would be:

hatari --acsi 768M.img 
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