Install the build tools

aptitude install build-essential devscripts  debhelper dh-make diff patch quilt gnupg fakeroot lintian pbuilder piuparts

Specific build dependencies

aptitude install flex bison libssl-dev

Get it

cvs -d co -r RELENG_8_1_0_RELEASE src/contrib/csup

Build it

* Copy the csup code into a pristine work place

mkdir $HOME/packaging/
cp -r src/contrib/csup $HOME/packaging/csup-8.1.0

* Tell the world who you are

export DEBFULLNAME="Emmanuel Kasper"
export DEBEMAIL=""

* Create initial debian/rules files

cd $HOME/debian/csup-8.1.0
dh_make -s --createorig

Test your csup package

  • Create your supfile for last FreeBSD stable release ( Directories mentionned in the supfile must pre-exist )
cat > supfile << EOF 
*default tag=RELENG_8_1_0_RELEASE
*default release=cvs delete use-rel-suffix compress
*default prefix=/tmp/freebsd
*default base=/tmp/freebsd/db-sup/
  • Run it
csup -L2 supfile
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